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HM8005 125Khz proximity Card reader

    HM8005 is 125Khz proximity card reader, FM modulation RFID technology and reads  HID 125Khz proximity cards serial number (such as ISO card, clamshell card fobtag). Readers is with standard Wiegand interface  and Wide rang DC power input from 5-16V,easy to connect with the most of access controller host in the marketing.  ESD protection on Wiegand output terminal, Suger protection on DC power input terminal. LED and buzzer can be controlled from access controller.
     HM8005 is also with flashing backlight plate to make your logo outstanding from competitor. ( customize logo with differentclor back light is optional)

Model Name: HM8005

Red: Power 5-16V 
Black: Power ground 
Green: Wiegand output D0 
White: Wiegand output D1 
Brown: Green LED control 
Blue: Buzzer control 
Yellow: Hold


Dimension 80*43*13mm
Power requirement 5-16VDC at 100mA, A linear regulator is recommended
Support card 125kHz proximity cards and fobtags.
Interface Weigand
Read range upto 10cm
Frequency 122-128KHz
Operating temperature -30°C to +60°C
Operating humidity 5%-95% (non-condensing)
Audio/Visual Indication Green & Red and Buzzer signal output
Response Time Less than 0.2 seconds
Cable length 250mm
Weight 60gram


LED/Buzzer function description

LED function: The LED color is normally in RED. It starts with 2 green flashes and will keep in RED. When proximity cards close to the reader, LED will  flash green momentarily, this indicates cards were read properly. When LED control signal is actived by access controller host, LED will changes to green.
Beeper Function: When Power up the reader, Beeper will ring 2 times. When put proximity cards close to the reader, a short beep will be emitted. This indicates that proximity card was read properly. 
Buzzer control line      
When this control line is actived to lower by access controller host or connect to Ground line, buzzer will kepp ringing untill the line is released. 
Green LED control line      
When it is actived by access controller host or connect to ground line, Green LED will keep lighting untill the line is released.
Hold function: when this line is actived by accessc ontroller host or connect to ground,the reader will stop reading cards untill be released.