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D301 EM USB Desk Top Reader

D301 USB card dispenser achieves transmitting card serial number directly to computers through USB ports. When using, users have no need to upload any drives, without additional power supplies. After connecting the card dispenser with computer USB port, the card dispenser indicator light will display red and green alternately until the buzzer makes two continuous sounds. After the indicator light only displays red light, users may begin to swipe card and the number will be displayed at the cursor.

Technical Parameters:
Supporting System: All systems with USB keyboard 
Working Frequency: 125KHz
Supporting Card: EM card and its compatible cards 
Reading Distance <10cm 
Working Current <30mA 
Physical Size 105mm*70mm*12mm
Card Number Format:
8H10D, 6H10D, 6H8D, 2H3D4H5D, 10H, 8H, 6H, 4H5D4H5D available, free leading zero available, with enter, customizing service available
The default format is 8H10D with enter